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A leading producer of sensory books in Poland presents:

Sensory mat for babies 0+

For whom?

Sensory mat - contrasting for babies, ideal for the first months of a baby's life (0-12 months).


✔ Contrasting colors, rustling edges of the mat and various textures of fabrics stimulate all the baby's senses.
They influence the development of: hearing (rustling parts of a blanket and pages of a book with a heart), eyesight (contrasting colors that the baby recognizes during the first months of life: red, black and white) and touch (various fabric textures: smooth and polka dots, soft minky fleece, pleasant cotton and felt).

✔ The mat is also a great way to spend time and games of parent and child.

Product description

Large mobile elements: the teddy bear and the heart are made of felt and also help the child in the further development stage: exercising the hand (the child can tear off the elements that are attached with Velcro - it affects the development of fine motor skills).

There are rattles inside the teddy bear and the hearts, thanks to which both elements make a delicate sound. This additionally stimulates the child's sense of hearing.

The other side of the mat is cotton, so the mat can also act as a blanket or quilt. Perfect for fun and relaxation, no baby will be bored with it!

Additional information

The 0+ sensory mat is recommended by physiotherapists who use the mat for important and helpful movement exercises for infants, incl. simulation of rotations or supports.

Full video presentation of the product: see on youtube


Dimensions: length 80cm x width 80cm
Material composition: cotton, minky fleece, felt.
Hypoallergenic filling.
Cleaning: gentle hand wash or machine wash 30 degrees without spinning

All materials used are of the highest quality and have the necessary certificates.
Handmade product - the colors of the elements may slightly differ from that shown in the photo.

The product may be used by a child ONLY in the presence of a parent!
Remember, your child's safety is the most important!

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Write a review
2020-04-09 13:20:09 - Mama Zosi

Idealna dla relaksu i zabawy. Sensoryczne elementy wpływają na rozwój zmysłów niemowlaczka. My mamy od urodzenia Córki i cały czas użytkujemy. Jest świetna!

2020-04-14 07:55:06 - Bardzo przydatna mata !

Poleciła mi tę matę fizjoterapeutka - moja córeczka miała problemy ruchowe i ta mata pomaga nam w stymulacjach zmysłów i dzięki niej ćwiczymy też nóżki i rączki

2020-04-14 17:36:33 - Bardzo fajna mata

Synuś uwielbia bawić się na tej macie. Żywo reaguje na szeleszczące fragmenty maty, uwielbia serduszko i misia, które są dołączone do zabawy i ćwiczenia rączki. Polecam.

2020-04-17 14:46:55 - przepięknie wykonana, same ahy :)

Mata od TimoSimo- moim zdaniem element obowiązkowy wyprawki. Nie rozstajemy się z tą matą i wszędzie ją zabieramy. Polecam!!

2020-05-14 20:10:20 - polecam wszystkim mamom niemowlaków

Córeczka chętnie lezy na macie, mata ma rózne faktury tkanin ,dzięki temu możliwa jest stymulacja zmysłów. Bardzo wartościowy prezent -w dobrej cenie. Starannie uszyty.

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